It's In The Can

25 Aug 2022

Achievement Unlocked!

In my last post, I mentioned that I should be done with songs I wanted to submit for the album I’ve been working on. Well, I did it! I think I sent it in around the end of July. At that time, I had a grand total of 8 tracks (though that includes 1 intro and 1 outro). After a short break (maybe a week, hah), I started working on another track. Before long, I realized that I really had something going on that one, so I finished it and added it to the album submittal. That was just yesterday. At this stage, I’m inclined to take a break… an actual break. The funny thing is the M8 Tracker is just so fun to work with, and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of using it. With each new project, I get a little more comfortable with it, and learn a new thing or two. I didn’t expect this, but I’m digging the workflow. Somehow, it just works for me. On top of that, the sound engines and sampling sound great.

A side effect of this inspiring device I just described is that I really have no desire (lust, maybe?) for other gear that’s out there, even for new stuff. In other words, the M8 is a G.A.S. destroyer for me. Let’s face it, I already have a solid stable of gear, I don’t need anything else. Now that the album is done, the goal now is to dig in and explore the gear that I do have. I want to dive deep and explore just what I can do with this stuff. Who knows – maybe I decide that I can sell more stuff. Maybe I decide to sell a lot of it to simply focus on the M8 for a while? I hope to have more answers by the next time I write.

I don’t have much more to say, so this one will be short. Album done. That’s the big, exciting news. Where do I go from here?