Back In The Groove

07 Mar 2022

What’s Going On With The Album?

Hola mi gente! I recently did an assessment of the tracks I have created for the album project so far and things are actually going pretty well! I have 4 songs (though one is more of an Intro than a complete song) done and in a folder that is aptly titled “Finished”. I’m going to call this the halfway point. Being early March, I think I’m in good shape to wrap this album up in another couple months. So far, looking at the date stamps from each of the completed tracks, I’m averaging about 1 month per track. Of course, that’s if you factor in the chaotic January where things got derailed for a bit. The most recent track took a little longer also, as I really wanted to dial it in and get it right. I finished it last week and I’ve already reconfigured the setup for the next track (or maybe more?). I think my best bet is to make my own momentum by turning stuff on and pressing play. The more you just dig in and get going, the more the ideas flow and coalesce. I’m learning a lot on this journey, and I’m having fun doing it. I just need to do a better job of jotting down my thoughts and writing these blog posts!

What’s in a Name?

One of the other things I will need to get nailed down soon is an album title and, of course, song titles. That stuff is way harder than it sounds (for me, at least). I can see why some folks (looking at you AFX!) seem to just throw a jumble of letters together – almost as if some sort of computer algorithm or program was used to generate song titles. I started a notepad in my phone, so I can jot down song names whenever I think of one that could work. As for the album title, I’ve been using the working title “Autonomy & Agency”. I thought it had a nice ring to it, while also representing an idea that has been rattling around in my head over the past couple years. I can expound on that in a future blog post, but the gist is ultimately control. Feeling in control, feeling out of control, having the autonomy that you desire, having the agency to make things how you want them to be. I dunno. That’s more or less the thought process behind the title. I’m not sure it will stick, but it’s there for now.

What’s Next

I want to try to get in a groove as I come to the home stretch of this album writing process. I think it’s feasible, and maybe the next lesson I learn is how to let go a bit, and not hold things as too precious. Create some sounds, create some patterns, arrange them, dial in the mix, hit record and move on. Easier said than done, naturally, and most definitely not the kind of thing you can force. Keep the goal in sight.