New Album

15 Mar 2021

A New Release!

This post will be short. The main reason I’m writing it is that I have an announcement – I released another batch of ill-advised and poorly executed music out into the internet at large. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself as this is just a hobby. It is fun, and I still have a lot of ideas / goals to work on with this hobby. I’ll keep plugging away and trying different things. I’m getting more focused, but sometimes I still feel as though the setup is not quite solidified. I am starting to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew in getting the Analog Four. It is a great synth, but it requires brainpower and time to dig in. I already have my hands full using the Octatrack and other Elektron gear (Digitone, Model:Cycles). I’m considering selling the A4 for something that’s a little (heck, a lot) more simple and shallow (for lack of a better term). At any rate, I’m just thinking out loud here. For now, I am committed to diving into the A4 for a bit with the hope that something clicks and I find that I really love it. If not, well, that’s OK too.

At any rate, that’s not the point of this post. Check out the link below for my new music. A couple tunes were created in the previous month or so. I dug into the archives a little bit for projects that seemed close to complete and fit the mood, then finished a couple off. Naturally, there shall be no consistency as I learned a few tricks with my mixer that I incorporated about halfway through recording the album. The trick here is iterations / repetitions. The more I keep working on songs, the more I learn and the better the result. Well, that’s the idea, anyway.

The album cover is a picture I took at a nearby park. Creating album art is way more time consuming than I thought (imagine that!). This time around, I thought I’d try using a picture, instead of cobbling together some shoddy graphics from scratch.

The term “CONDUIT” was simply a synonym for “outlet”, which is how I describe this music-making hobby. It’s an outlet for my frustrations/feelings/thoughts/energy/anima. I found a way to have all the track titles start with “Re”, which is REally ridiculously clever, right? Well, without further rib-shattering groans, here’s the goods. Cheers.