What's the Point?

19 Feb 2021

To the Point

I promise this post won’t be as grim and dim as the title may suggest. I’m just feeling bogged down by the monotony of this CoViD19 life. It’s not that I really need to get out there and do risky stuff. It’s more that I’m just tired of the lack of variety to my days and weeks. Further to that, I’m distressed and discouraged by the struggles that my partner, my wife, is going through. The longer these struggles carry on, the more I start to wonder if she is irreversibly changed. I don’t think that’s the case, but doubt has a way of creeping in. Perhaps, more accurately – and maybe even more unsettling – she hasn’t changed, and the situation is that she’s now actually being more herself than she has been since the time we met. Time will tell, I suppose, but that ties back to the impatience that I mentioned in the first sentence of this post.

Fun Stuff

I promised that I wouldn’t be all doom and gloom, so here’s are some of the highlights of recent history.

I am slowly building up a tracklist for the next “official” music release. So far, it’s looking like I’ll be able to have at least 4 tracks/songs/tunes/whatevers and maybe even 5. It’s a blend of some more recent projects and some other projects that have been sitting in limbo. Using some of the knowledge that I’ve learned recently and motivated to finish songs, I dug up a couple old projects and put some time in to get them over the finish line. If there’s one positive to this pandemic-related work-from-home scenario it’s that I have had a lot more time than ever before to work on hobbies, and my music-making hobby is one thing that is safe to do at the moment.

Data Science

I was about a week behind schedule, but I finished the online class I started on Scientific Computing with Julia. It took some figuring out and reading the docs, but I made my way through with minimal stress. Overall, the class wasn’t very difficult, so it left me wanting more. However, I do think I have gotten a solid enough foundation to start using Julia as my language of choice for some personal data science projects on which I’d like to work. The critical next steps I need to take are diving into the books / blog posts / online documentation of Julia to learn how the whole structure. The course does offer an “honors” section with some additional work to complete. I have slacked on this, but I will complete it soon. I think it will help when trying to apply Julia to my own practice projects.