Ab Aeterno

18 Oct 2020

Good News, Everyone!

Contrary to what you might think, whenever Professor Farnsworth from the TV show Futurama exclaims those words, it most often was not good news. That is the situation that I am presenting to you, constant reader. Don’t sweat it – it’s nothing major, we’re all still healthy over here. The job interview that I’ve been talking about ended up in a big ole “L”. That is to say I did not get the job. I’m mostly bummed because the change would have been something exciting in an otherwise dreary year. There is still plenty to do in my current role (I think), so it’s not all bad. I received some reasonable (and positive) feedback from the hiring Manager, who encouraged me to keep looking and keep trying. Given that I just found out that I’m getting a new boss, I just may have to step up my networking and job search efforts. In the meantime, I’ll continue to develop some of the side projects that I’ve been wanting to work on. I also might have a lead on a deep learning project that could lead to something.

Bandcamp (Finally!)

It took way too long, but I finally set up a Bandcamp Artist page. Now I can upload any completed tunes I have and maybe even earn a few bucks from my hobby. First up will be the “Octatrack for Airports” EP I completed early this year. I’ve spent a little time personalizing the website and I’m pleased with how it is turning out. The last piece of the puzzle is the actual album art. I’m hoping my brother and his fellow Architect and podcast partner will come through with that for me. Not only would it be fun to have them contribute to the project, but it would also be a huge help! Graphic design software can be just as tough to learn as the instruments I use to make the music. Any help I can get just make life that much easier. I’m still waiting on the aforementioned finishing touches as of this writing. I will definitely blast out another blog post when the EP goes live on Bandcamp.

In Other News…

Who knows when it will end.