Day 100

25 Jun 2020

100 Days

I’ve never been able to quantify 100 days before. I think I can now. I remember the week I started working from home. The strangest part is it sort of feels like a distant memory, and sort of feels fresh. Things have settled into a routine since I last updated. The little ones restarted at daycare. After an initial adjustment period, the kids seem to have settled into the routine again. And, for better or for worse, so have we. Overall, the effect is positive. The stress of balancing full-time work and full-time child care was starting to wear me down. We made it 75 straight days working at home with the kids. It feels like a milestone, and you know, maybe it is.

In the early going of actually doing the work from home thing, I had a ton of project work to keep the days moving along. After closing out some milestones on those projects, things have sloooowed way down. Now, I can really feel the monotony of our current situation. I’m finding it hard to drum up the motivation to do work on a day-to-day basis. In times like this, I start to feel the itch to brush up the résumé and update my LinkedIn profile. I need to be patient though, and plot this move out strategically. A good first step might be to dive into an online course. I can try to reboot my data science skills, and maybe that will help build some momentum leading in the direction of a new career. I have the desire, I just need to gain the skills and the confidence to show them off.