Midsummer Update

29 Jul 2017

Collecting My Thoughts

Well, it’s been quite a while (2 months!) since I have last updated the blog. I suppose that points to how busy things have been around here lately. Work, online class, family time, and general goofing off (a new Synthesizer, Skyrim) keeps one very busy! I admit, I’ve probably spent too much time playing Skyrim, but sometimes I think I need the diversion. The trouble is, that diversion ends up turning into 2 or more hours in a sitting. There are better uses of my time. I’ve been struggling a little with Lesson 2 in the fast.ai course, but I’m making my way through. It’s been fun finding ways to work around my issues, but it all takes time. I’m getting antsy to plow through and make progress. Of course, learning is all about the journey, not the destination, right? I’m making progress, and that’s what I should focus on.

Lately, work has been packed with plenty of issues to deal with, which keeps the days moving. However, old meme is old, and I’m more than ready to move into a new role that can hopefully exercise my brain more and engage me. Not only that, but I’m really in need of a new work environment. One of my co-workers is just pretty much toxic, or in the least, creating a toxic environment with his negativity, complaining, and lack of work ethic. I might have a job opportunity in another department, but I’ll address that when I have more details. I’m waiting to hear back about an interview, and not sure if I’ll make the cut this round. However, there will be another opening in a couple weeks, so I may have two cracks at a new job.

In other news, after watching some compelling (GAS-inducing) videos on youtube, I sold some of my Eurorack modules and picked up the Elektron Digitakt. It’s primarily a drum machine / sampler, but it also has MIDI capability, which makes it a really versatile and exciting piece of gear. After a couple weeks of use, I’m definitely glad I picked this synth up. It’s been very fun, and for those who are familiar with Elektron instruments, surprisingly intuitive to pick up. After a couple nights, I am already ‘clicking’ with it and have come up with some great-sounding (to me, at least) beats and tunes. I’m motivated to put together a complete track or two, using only the Digitakt (loaded with all kinds of samples).

Well, that’s it for now, a quick update. I promise it won’t be two months until the next blog post!