Shiny New Template

22 Jul 2016

I stumbled across a really attractive theme for blog websites, and after seeing that it was built into the Jekyll framework, I decided to implement it for my blog. It took a few days of adapting my existing site into the new format, but I think I finally have it laid out and working. There will probably be quite a bit of fine-tuning and optimization, but so far, so good. The biggest pain was updating the svg files for my icons on the about page. At first they came through huge! I had to learn about using viewports, and after a bunch of trial and error, I found a form factor that was to my liking.

In other news, I fired up the Raspberry Pi for the first time a few days ago and spent a ton of time getting the inital setup complete. I now have the hardware in house, and I should be able to complete the temperature sensor project this weekend. There are quite a few projects to do this weekend - let’s see how many I can knock out! In no particular order:

  • Oil change for the Acura
  • Oil change for the Subaru
  • Install the new dishwasher (that's a biggie)
  • Complete the RasPi temp. sensor project
  • Write another blog post
  • Get started with Python Machine Learning book