Keeping up Appearances

22 Jun 2016

I just want to keep up with regular blog updates, so there might not be a lot of great info in this one (sorry). That being said, I might as well just throw to some stuff that I think is cool and interesting. Maybe you’ll find it interesting too?

I may be a nerd, and an Engineer by trade, but I am also a sports fan. One website that satisfies the intersection of those two fields is Uni Watch. This blog explores the minutiae of athletic uniforms in an entertaining way, and gives detail oriented folks like me a new way of looking at the sports we watch.

Changing gears, I’ve been into electronic music since my teens. That interest has waxed and waned over the years. However, since about 2011, I have gotten back into electronic music in a big (and different) way. Building on my DJ days in college, I dove into learning how to make music. I started “in the box” as they say - meaning I used software to compose and arrange music. Over the past few years, however, I discovered the awesome (albeit expensive) world of hardware. In 2014, I decided to take the plunge into the modular synth arena, and it has been amazingly rewarding and fun. One of the great resources for all things modular is Muff Wiggler. This web forum is a wealth of information, and well, cats (because internet).

Anyway, I just mentioned two items that are of interest to me, and managed to create my longest blog post to date. Maybe I do have a few things to say (or maybe it’s the wine talking/rambling, who knows).. Cheers.